Green House


Last summer my wife and I had fun finishing the first green house.  We added raised beds in the 20 x 48 green house.  This summer we will do the same in the second 20 x 48 green house.  We like raised beds.  A couple reasons are that it helps us organize and keep track […]

Sustainble and Resilient Finances

Sustainable is a very trendy word.  We see it associated a lot with food and energy.  The definition of sustainable that I am working with is “able to be maintained at a certain rate or level”.  The idea is that food or energy would not be consumed faster than it is produced.  The last 2 […]

Organic Seeds

Organic seeds.  I am trying to grow as many organic vegetables this year.  I am seeking out vegetables that will do well in a high tunnels.  One of the only sites I trust for ordering seeds (organic or not) is Johnny’s Selected Seeds. We are going to keep things simple this year.  We are ordering […]

Off Grid

Off grid seems to get easier every year.  There are times I say to myself, “Why am I living off grid in Alaska?”  Those days are few, most of the time I am thankful I decided to live off grid.  My wife and kids don’t seem to mind either.   As I make improvements (such as […]

Solar Power In Alaska

Solar power in Alaska is not the greatest thing during the winter months (about 4 months of the year).  The main reason for this is the location of the sun during the winter and the amount of time that sun is in the sky.  Now I say all of this based on my own personal […]