Raising Turkeys

I did get 2 turkeys this summer and raised them.  They were easy and hassle free.  I butchered one already and will butcher the other turkey soon.  We kept the 2 turkeys with the chickens, they did fine together.  The turkeys would follow the chickens when we would let them out to free range.  I will raise turkeys again next year for sure.  One thing I noticed is the turkeys seem to be more heartier than the chickens.  The cold doesn’t bother them like the chickens.  Anyone thinking about turkeys or maybe you haven’t thought about them, they are an easy bird to raise and lots of meat.  They are much bigger than the turkeys you buy at the store, I would say they ended up at 35+ lbs each.  I skinned the first turkey and I think I will try and pluck the second turkey.

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