I don’t think anyone intentionally wants to hurt the environment. It’s assumed that it’s inconvenient and more work to perform activities that have a huge impact on the environment. I’m going to tell you a few ways that you can live more “green” that are simple to implement.

Capture Rain Water

First is rain capture. When you have a small garden you can either turn on the hose or use the water that falls from the sky. Rain capture systems are becoming more and more avoidable and they capture the rain water and store it so you can use it whenever you need it. It’s a great way to lower your utility bills and the water supply is not likely to run out anytime soon!

Scraps in Compost Pile

The next thing is composting biodegradable scraps. When you have that morning banana or fruit salad for dinner, instead of throwing away all the scraps throw them in a bag and take them out back to turn into organic soil. This is great for your garden and can save you lots of money instead of buying organic soil from the home improvement stores.

Recycle, Recycle, Recycle

An obvious method is to recycle. Recycling has been around for years but it’s still one of the best methods to stay green. The best way to incorporate this into your life is to have four trash can type containers.

The first can should be for plastics, the next for glass, the next should be for biodegradable waste, and the last is for non-recyclable trash. The biodegradable container should be able to be dropped directly into your compost pile. Typical plastics that can be recycled are milk containers, soda bottles, and plastic food containers. Typical glass that can be recycled is glass food jars and cosmetic containers. Some items are just not recyclable and those will actually be thrown away. For this I’m talking about certain types of laminated paper, treated or contaminated wood, insulation or light bulbs etc. Being green is trying to reuse and recycle as many products as possible to minimize their impact on the environment.

Keep Your Utility Bills in Check

Lastly, a great way to not only lower your utility bills and have a great impact on the environment is to install solar panels. Solar panels take advantage of the sunlight during the day to offset your power usage during the day and night. Solar panels are getting cheaper by the day and it’s financially feasible to purchase enough panels to completely take yourself off the grid. Also try to open your blinds and use natural light as much as possible. That way you can get the necessary light without actually turning on your lights and adding to your power bill.

These are some simple ways to live more “green” and these will have a direct impact on your life and the environment. If everyone were to incorporate these simple ideas into their life, our planet would be so much better off and everyone would be living healthier as a whole.

If you have other ideas that I didn’t mention above please reach out.

Happy living and continue to live green!