Sustainability has a long way to go in some areas of the United States. Some US States, like California and Washington, have progressive measures when it comes to green practices. Though, collaborative sustainability efforts in South Carolina are there but are struggling to be improved.

Greenville as The Black Sheep

Of all the metro areas in South Carolina, Greenville seems to be the exception. With a city that was designed for modern times, Greenville does employ some green sustainability measures that are impressed. Though, outside of this oasis, measures need to be improved across the State.

Charleston Included

The old historic town of Charleston is an example of a City needing improved measures. According to their philosophy, if you were selling your own home in South Carolina, there are numerous factors to consider in addition to your asking price. Will zoning and local governments employ sustainable practices? Those questions are still waiting to be answered.

With more awareness for how sustainability is impacting local areas, we feel that governmental measures will help to lead change across the Nation. At Green Sustainable Living, our job is to keep you in the loop and knowledgeable about the latest trends. Feel free to contact us if you see another opportunity that should be covered on the blog!